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01-May-2017 12:45

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All persister use a single timestamps cache region keeps track of the last update for each persister, When a query is loaded from cache, the timestamp region is checked for the last update for that persister.Using the last update timestamps as part of the query key invalidate the cache key when an update occurs.- we have switched the default in 8.0, and will deprecate utf8mb3 to reduce confusion: Implicit truncation and automatic type casting is no longer the default (strict was enabled for new installs in 5.6 (2013) and all installs in 5.7 (2015)).That is, unless the standard specifies it should (there are some weird cases).* 5.7 has virtual columns indexes. Edit: Missed a word, added computed columns adding functionality like JSON in My SQL 5.7In the Java world, the Spring framework is about to drop a new major release revolving around asynchronous or "reactive" programming.

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invalidating query cache entries key mysql-81

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Each entity class, collection association and query has its region, where values of each instance are stored.The query cache stores the results of the query but as identifiers, entity values are actually stored in the 2nd level cache.

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