Intimidating grim reaper psychological benefits of online dating

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During the Greed Island arc, Hisoka wears a Greed Island Ring on his left middle finger.

Later on, Hisoka is shown wearing two earrings with ornamental hearts.

Just witnessing their uncomfortable expressions because of him getting under their skin pleases him.

His chaotic nature is inherent in everything he does and makes him dangerously unpredictable.

With his manipulative and self-centered nature, Hisoka is essentially a murderous sociopath.

While he does like Gon, Killua, and many others, he has stated that for him, what is valuable one day could easily become trash the next, and he will not hesitate to kill anyone should they not meet his standards.

In his first appearance in Nippon Animation's anime series, Hisoka's hair is blue.

After a revamp of the show it was replaced with a red, almost neon pink color to be in accordance with the manga.

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) on his left cheek, and like his attire, in the Madhouse adaptation his face paint also changes colors occasionally.After his defeat at the hands of Chrollo, Hisoka's sociopathic nature has taken itself to worse heights by vowing to kill all the members of the Phantom Troupe even if they were defenseless and claiming he will no longer let his opponents fight in their preferred conditions.However, he did temporarily spare Machi, who has been an implied interest of Hisoka's as a potential opponent he likes to flirt with or as a romantic interest, although he stated it was so she could warn the troupe of his intentions.He even assists the protagonists if there is "fun" in doing so or if it will make them stronger leading to a more entertaining fight in the future.

Above all else, Hisoka cares only about having fun and a good challenge which may or may not involve killing people.In Madhouse's adaptation, Hisoka has red hair and light amber eyes.

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