Intimidating dog

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The Brabanter Bullenbeiser was a smaller version of the German Bullenbeisser, used in Germany and Brabant for hunting boar, bear and deer.The breed was first exhibited in Munich in 1895, and the first Boxer Club was founded in 1896.

Stockmann and Vom Dom are the most important names in the history of American Boxers.

National Mill Dog Rescue will not ship dogs and most often, we cannot arrange transport.

We do not require that you travel to Colorado as part of the approval process but you must be able to travel here to meet our dogs if you are approved to adopt.

The Boxer is an ideal family dog, gentle as a lamb with children, while also making a good guard, thanks to its intimidating appearance.

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He is determined, self-confident and courageous when faced with danger, but otherwise affectionate and docile.Please do not complete an application unless you are able to travel to our facility.