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02-Oct-2017 20:28

Our members tend to be a little more likely to read quality papers like the Times, Guardian, Telegraph than the Sunday Sport.

We have quite a few Daily Mail readers and even if you read The Sun we don't kick you off ;-)What makes us different is that we have loads of members in what we would say are 'Interesting' or 'Challenging' jobs - percentage wise more so than other dating sites we genuinely believe. These include All sites share the same database of members but just have a different ' Front End'.

We have had thousands of people email in over the years.

We can't give an accurate actual percentage success rate as lots of people just put their profiles 'on hold' and don't tell us why.

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There are smaller UK sites that focus on even more specific 'niches' than loveandfriends.Unlimited*messaging in terms of number of messages and their length is the main reason.

If you are too embarrassed to tell him in person, use text and the casual and safe environment that it provides to tell him your fantasies.… continue reading »

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Maybe you have a degree in a foreign language, and you love that culture so much that you want to explore it further.… continue reading »

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They analyzed a billion web searches, a million Web sites, a million erotic videos, a million erotic stories, millions of personal ads, and tens of thousands of digitized romance novels.… continue reading »

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