Insider internet dating system

30-Aug-2016 11:48

With around half a million users sending 200,000 messages per day, it’s growing about 15% every week, Wolfe claims. While Bumble has not yet monetized and won’t disclose the details of its funding, Wolfe’s partner and major funder is Andrey Andreev, founder of Badoo, the multi-billion dollar European social network.

Their Austin-based office has only six employees—and five of them are women.

His casual perch and thick-rimmed glasses make him look more student than teacher, but the thicket of gray in his stubble gives him away. Future versions will produce thousands, Edwards says.

"So here I have an Android phone and we have an application that's called o Notes," he says to a group of twenty-somethings in cardigans. " Amy Yin, a Harvard student and Edwards' collaborator, orders espresso. When the o Phone goes on sale later this year, users will be able to send those scents via a mobile app, which will also host a social network enabling users to share personalized aromas. "There's something unique in our perception of aroma, in what it does to us psychologically, that’s part of being alive," Edwards tells me.

And while the whole messy incident has been held up to illustrate the challenges women face in a notoriously bro-friendly tech culture, Wolfe stops short of calling out sexism in tech.

“This isn’t necessarily a tech problem, this is a society problem,” she says.

Two, maybe three seconds pass before she shoots her arm into the air. Such technology, he expects, will foster a "sophisticated aromatic vocabulary" that makes communicating with odors as natural as using verbal language.

“I felt like I was being punked or something, because all the guys are really good looking and had really good jobs,” explains Lauren Garzon, a 32-year old hotel manager in NYC.