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the group equips individuals with the behavior patterns they need in order to adapt." Furthermore, students identify with certain groups to experience a feeling of belonging.Campbell (2004) stated that students of all ages have a strong need to belong to groups, because groups provide a source of motivation.

A positive self-concept contributes to the academic success of the student, while a poor self-concept "becomes one of the most challenging individual differences in how he or she will learn" (Bennett 2003,222).This challenge requires teachers to address a variety of social and academic needs of students.As students develop their selfconcept during adolescence, they also develop a sense of cultural identity.School Environment Developing an awareness of cultural identity and how it affects education and interactions with others in school can be challenging for adolescents.

Teachers must be aware of how much cultural identity influences the education of students. Jones is an Associate Professor of Multicultural Education at the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

Students' cultural identities are defined by these experiences, and students learn these identities within a culture through socializing agents (Campbell 2004).