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— that is, Note: Drupal 7 offered 3 ways of invalidating cache items: invalidate a specific CID, invalidate using a CID prefix, or invalidate everything in a cache bin.Neither of those 3 methods allow us to invalidate the cache items that contain an entity that was modified, because that was impossible to know! In addition, it may be necessary to invalidate listings-based caches that depend on data from the entity in question (e.g.Which is acceptable for such extremely complex use cases.Arguably, that's the case even for far less than 1000 cache tags.I will move from basic ideas building upon them as needed and diving into more and more specifics as the post goes. I define abovesaid completeness as a characteristic of invalidation procedure describing how frequent and under what circumstances data can become dirty and how long it will remain accessible.

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This is because it doesn't make sense to invalidate cache tags on individual bins, because the data that has been modified, whose cache tags are being invalidated, can have dependencies on cache items in Rather than caching responses in Drupal and invalidating them with cache tags, you could also cache responses in reverse proxies (Varnish, CDN …) and then invalidate responses they have cached using cache tags associated with those responses.We define cached thing in one place and invalidate in another or several other places.This means there will come some day when someone will add a cached thing and just forget to add corresponding invalidation, producing hard to find bug.I understand it as finding a subtle compromise between completeness, redundancy and complexity.

I would like to tap into this topic in a context of caching queries built via ORM.

Cache tags provide a declarative way to track which cache items depend on some data managed by Drupal.