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However, there are countless unrecorded cases because these are difficult to determine to its illegal nature.If figures on trafficking are given, they are often based on estimates of the level of trafficking and usually no explanation is given on how the figures were calculated.The World Bank estimated one-fourth of the Philippine population is living below the poverty line, and leaving them with no other options but to engage Human trafficking is not new in the Philippines and it can take many forms – from prostitution to forced labor such as migrant work or domestic servitude – and children can also be victims.In fact, there were 1, 693 human trafficking cases officially recorded in the country from 2005 to 2012.Over the past years, efforts have been made by the Philippine government to combat human trafficking.However, with the emergence of social media as a new platform for human traffickers, it becomes more difficult for the authorities to trace the offenders as their crime becomes wider and sometimes hidden.For more than 400 years, the Spaniards had colonized the Philippines with their interest in spreading Christianity and having an empire in the East.Zaide (1949) said that it was during this period where the highest social status is occupied by the Spaniards and all the natives were below them.

country worldwide with the most number of internet users, with approximately 44 million individual Filipinos having access to the internet at home and elsewhere, via any device type and connection.Wealth was not the only basis of the social classes but race as well.Thus, it is implied that a wealthy native can never be equal or higher than any Spaniard and therefore be treated as a slave.It was a violation of human rights 200 years ago and so it is still today.

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It has also continued to be an international issue.

In particular, South-East Asia is often reported to be an origin region for trafficking into Asian countries.