How to approach dating

16-Jul-2016 22:48

There might be some girls who are very open and accustomed to being asked out, and there are girls who are just not interested.

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It would often start when you spot a hot guy by himself minding his business and you begin to scope him out. First, offer a positive statement, such as, "It was fun talking to you." Then, make a plan. " Finish with your reason for ending the conversation (real or otherwise), such as "I've to get to class, so I'll talk to you soon" [source: Marshall]. When it's time to close the conversation, there are three strategies to follow. So a guy who I have seen around my college campus on a number of occasions, know the name of, would get a better response than say a random unfamiliar stranger. I won't immediately go out on a date with him. Here you will have to spend some time texting her and getting to know her before she agrees for that coffee.

So you see Hollywood movies where a random cute guy asks a girl all smooth and upfront--”Hey, wanna grab a cup of coffee? Your chances of hitting it off with a girl you randomly came across on the street is next to none. So yes, the dating scene can be rather tiresome and tedious at times. EDIT: I’d also like to mention that there are a lot of factors at play that determine the girl’s decision.This is mainly because as Indians girls, we don't expect some guy to approach us and ask us out. The only strange guys we've ever been approached by like this have turned out to be eve-teasing creeps.