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"Pass on him." How to spot him: He's the unusually friendly guy who makes effortless chit-chat, has expensive shoes and a good haircut—and is always ducking outside to talk on his cell.Why he's tempting: You know how in tennis when you play with a great player, you don't suck as much as when you play with a beginner? If your date is a smooth operator who's never at a loss for words, you'll feel more relaxed, witty, and confident. Why you should steer clear: Your dates will soon feel like a therapy session, and that's not romantic.

But if his former wife still occupies the role of trusted advisor — Condoleezza to his George W. "This is a guy who's still in love, plotting a comeback, or at least hoping for the possibility of breakup sex," says Daily.

"But after they charm you into bonding to them, the control can turn very unpleasant, and even lead to stalking or abuse." So consider yourself warned! And tells you you're so much hotter than the 22-year-olds he has dated. "These guys are just looking for a booty call—they save the real love for women closer to their own age," says New Yorker Joanne Morris, a 40-something who has dated several guys in their mid-twenties.