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Play this strategic Dutch card game with the Amsterdam rules or the Rotterdam rules using a great tourism-themed card deck. Children love to color in pictures of their favorite animals and cartoon characters, and drawing is a good way to encourage children to develop fine motor skills. Build factories, shops, and service hubs around the town and upgrade your buildings to attract more citizens with quality jobs and enough resources.

Monster Cafe is a fun match-3 bubble shooter game with a Halloween twist. In-app, the stencils are layered to make coloring inside the lines easier. How long can you keep playing this game and continue to fit these colored shapes into the playing field?

Fire off the little monsters, ghosts, brains, and pumpkins to make combinations of three or more matching ones. Just select a color from the palate and rub your finger over the area you want to color in. Lots of fun, but without the stains and dried out markers! Fill up a row with blocks completely to eliminate them and to make sure that you can continue playing. Refine raw materials into products such as flour and orange juice, and then sell them for coins and points! Perform crazy stunts on the cyberpunk streets in the exciting trial game Neon Biker! Travel to the New World and start building a colony.

Every now and then a new type of Halloween bubble will appear! Don't stop placing the shapes and achieve the highest score! This brave trial racer is depending on your mouse-wielding skills to get him through the neon jungle with flair. Can you survive through the ages by collecting resources, investing in developments, and forging trade alliances?

Your Sims are moving into a brand-new apartment, and their lives will never be the same!

Adventure, fun, and drama await them as they meet new people and explore their new neighborhood.

***New Create your own Sims - Create any Sims character that you can possibly imagine.

My Sims Kingdom Wii Embark on an adventure to help King Roland and his subjects revitalize the Kingdom.

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