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“Artists are themselves community developers, but the work that they do [additionally] creates positive community development activity.” If he prevails over a crowded field of contenders (including the incumbent, Betsy Hodges), Hoch will take office at an especially visible time for America’s big-city mayors, who are increasingly called upon to battle the Trump Administration on everything from immigrant protection to climate change.

Theatergoers recognize Hoch as the smiling author of Playbill introductions, but he says he’s ready for a larger platform. “I went to Congress and got Congress to change the law so that here in Minneapolis we could provide some senior-specific housing.

” Hennepin has its lovers and its haters, and it’s the site of some of the city’s most visible police interactions — especially around bar close, when Hennepin and the parallel First Avenue swarm with revelers.

With policing becoming a central issue in the mayoral campaign, Hoch argues that creative solutions can decrease the need for cops to intervene.

We provide supportive services to a group of formerly homeless clients in their apartments while also using the York Office as a base for our meetings and community involvement with the clients.

Referrals to the service come through The People Incorporated Outreach teams and the People Incorporated Transitional Houses.

We assist chronically homeless adults with a mental illness to achieve their goals related to safety, stability and recovery.

Though he became the man who made a home for , Hoch didn’t come to that role from a background in the arts; he took the helm on Hennepin with experience in community development.

All the witnesses in the process of rehabilitation spoke of her as a singularly pious child, grave beyond her years, who often knelt in the church absorbed in prayer, and loved the poor tenderly.

Great attempts were made at Joan's trial to connect her with some superstitious practices supposed to have been performed round a certain tree, popularly known as the "Fairy Tree" ( l'Arbre des Dames ), but the sincerity of her answers baffled her judges.

“Not every event that happens in our city requires a law enforcement response,” says Hoch. Initially conceived to entice office workers to remain downtown after 5 p.m., the outdoor activities instead proved to be a common ground where people who had somewhere to go (say, the theater) engaged with people who had nowhere to go.

“The lesson that I took away is, in some of these big public spaces that we have, we should really be thinking about: How do we program them through arts activities to make them more engaging to everyone on our community,” says Hoch, “as opposed to simply trying to police our way through a situation that some people may be uncomfortable with?

He’d worked at the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority and the Minneapolis Community Development Agency, where he oversaw the restoration of the State and the acquisition of the Orpheum.

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