Gridview1rowupdating not firing

04-May-2017 13:33

I have done the same thing with the Drop Down List.

For this you can add the item dynamically inside the Grid View_Row Data Bound event.

In this article I will show you that how you can validate the controls which are inside the Grid View control.

For this I will make the editable Grid View and use the Required Field Validator for the Text Boxes.

Now, you can easily set the Required Field Validator's Initial Value property to "Select an item" or whatever your text was which means that you cannot leave the control whose value or text property is "Select an item" or the text set by you.

You will also notice that when you loose focus from the control the validation control event will be fired. Edit Index = -1 'set to no selection Bind Grid View() End Sub One issue I ran into while attempting to figure this all out was if I didn’t rebind my Grid View at the end of each event, I was required to click twice to get it to select the correct row, and if I clicked around, it would always be a row behind. This blog is for nothing else than to try and help me help you and help you help me and us help everyone else try to fix anything and everything we can’t figure out with this language.