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15-Jan-2017 17:54

Though the full impact of the newly discovered city is yet to be determined, Beck compared it in importance to the town of Lerna, located in the nearby Gulf of Nafplion.

Mentioned in the Greek myth of Hercules—as the site of Hercules’ battle with the many-headed Hydra, guardian of the underworld—Lerna has long been used as a reference point for researchers because of the ceramics and architectural structures found there.

It is during this time when the city-states truly emerged.

Historical and cultural events such as the Persian invasion of Greece by Xerxes, colonization, and the written language all can be traced to the Archaic Period.

As lead researcher Julien Beck, a professor at the University of Geneva, told Spero News: “The importance of our discovery is partly due to the large size….

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More surprisingly, the ruins contain at least three horseshoe-shaped foundations attached to the wall line, which are believed to be the remnants of massive defensive towers of a type unknown elsewhere in Greece.They developed their own dialects of the Greek language.