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18-Jul-2017 15:00

See, I was interested in a LTR and had made a decision that I would end my pattern of throwing caution to the wind and started using my head and my grandmother’s advice, not my heart, to make my partner choice.

My grandmother said that you find out everything you need to know about a man in the first 12 weeks of dating…

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The Islamic tradition is unanimous in stating that Arabs of Tihamah, Hejaz, and Najd distinguished between two types of months, permitted (ḥalāl) and forbidden (ḥarām) months.maintain that the pre-Islamic calendar used in Central Arabia was a purely lunar calendar similar to the modern Islamic calendar.According to this view, Nasī’ is related to the pre-Islamic practices of the Meccan Arabs, where they would alter the distribution of the forbidden months within a given year without implying a calendar manipulation.I wasn’t a tease, but I let my values and feeling be known from the beginning so he wouldn’t feel lead on.

I NEVER paid for dates, but would send hand written thank you cards, baked goods, etc, and I would make dinners comparable to the ones he treated me to at all its variations, I have to really, really, REALLY know the guy…. And I was very upfront about that fact to the men I dated.

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