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05-Jul-2017 02:36

English is one of the official languages of the Philippines, learning it is mandatory in schools, and the government favors it when it comes to written documentation.

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Make a good impression on the friend, you make an even impression on your girl.

This is probably less true in the more liberal parts of the country, though.

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In a country where English is so widely used and learning it is mandatory, what does that say about girls who can barely write in it? I made the mistake of trying to date one girl who could only send illiterate one-syllable word texts, and most of our “date” consisted of me pantomiming with my arms hoping and praying something would penetrate her thick skull.

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She was pretty cute, but the language barrier was simply too big to cross.For example, the first time a girl tried this on me, we had agreed to meet at a coffeeshop that was just up the street from my house in downtown Davao.