German sex sign up

23-May-2017 23:04

Among singles, things are not quite as happy on the sexual front, with only 44 percent describing their sex lives as satisfactory. Marriage is still a popular form of partnership: 60 percent of Germans think it is good the way it is.

However, a third would be interested in having "probationary marriages" that would automatically end if both partners did not extend them.

Germans also seem eager to keep up to date in a technological regard: one-third of men say they would like to have sex with a robot if it felt "real". A new study answers everything you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask.

Still, those attending Sunday’s ceremony in Schoeneberg said Germany’s decision to allow same-sex marriages — the 23rd country worldwide to do so — was a big step.‘‘The state has recognized that if two people want to stand by each other then that’s a marriage, regardless of their sex,’’ said Ulrich Kessler, a guest who has known couple for more than 20 years.Beate Uhse was born in 1919 — seven years before Hefner — to one of Germany’s first female physicians. Her parents educated their children about sex and set no limitations on their daughters’ ambitions.