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Theta brainwaves are present during deep relaxation, dreaming, meditation and hypnosis.Theta brainwaves can be a source of creativity, intuition, increased memory and enhanced concentration.Many talented musicians, inventors, and artists are found to have extremely higher than average amounts of theta brainwaves.Through entraining theta brainwaves your creativity will be enhanced.Boosted immune system Increasing your theta brainwaves helps to optimise your immune system’s function due to the fact that theta brainwaves are associated with vitality and the elimination of stress.Stress and anxiety can do harm to the immune system by releasing a surplus of harmful chemicals such as adrenaline, including the hormone cortisol, which in oversupply are damaging to the immune system.

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It is located on 225 acres in the San Luis Valley near Alamosa Colorado and produces 30 megawatts of solar power for use by customers of the Public Service Company of Colorado (“PSCo”).The only way to reach and change major set beliefs and emotional responses of the unconscious mind is through hypnosis or theta brainwave entrainment.Through self hypnosis or theta brain entrainment, you can access the unconscious mind for the purpose of facilitating core healing and change.Advanced problem solving skills Theta brain waves help you to overcome “mental blocks” and enable you to access the FLOW state.

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The inability to solve problems is related to your inability to change your mental state.

Theta brainwaves activate the release of pleasant chemicals and neurotransmitters to help keep your immune system at its peak.

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