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Accordingly, two compounds of the 4-4-2 wheel arrangement were built: no. Smith, in which there were three cylinders: the boiler fed a single high-pressure cylinder placed between the frames, where the steam was partially used; it was then passed to two low-pressure cylinders mounted outside the frames, which extracted the remaining useful work from the steam.

The same system had already been tried by Smith's employers, the North Eastern Railway in their class 3CC of 1898, and with great success by the Midland Railway (MR) in their 1000 class of 1902.

365 was named by October 1907 after the former GCR General Manager; and no.

258 was last, in June 1909, being named after the senior Director on the GCR Board. 258 had the name in three rows, the lettering of the middle row (the words "VISCOUNT CROSS") being of normal size, whereas the lettering of the other two rows was significantly smaller.

When morale turns low among your top producers, one should be asking why that is and what will it take to keep them productive yet content. Closeout team members are required to tell management how each employees plan to develop them self rather than GCR offering ways to develop its employees.

Cons Mgt is too laid back which causes them to manage in a reactive style than proactive management style.

The flexibility to move around in your "market" as you see fit to best serve the company and client. The base salary is closer to a draw in which you could owe money if sales goals aren't achieved.

Flexible schedule to start the workday in the field calling on clients. Every day is a different day and challenges you to utilize your experience to succeed. You have to ask the right questions to get the answers you need - information is not always offered. Competition in the market is tough and you are not the only dealer for your brand.

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It's got to be an eye opener when the turnover rate is so high in certain divisions. Team Leads are confident and each fosters different management styles that leads to productivity.

Pros Eligible for health coverage on day one (full time employees).

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