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05-Nov-2016 12:47

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This I don’t understand personally as I have stated in a previous article that the bear community from my understanding is where any man of a certain size no matter what his color is was allowed into this because they were shunned from the norm. I think that has got to be one of the more offensive ones out there and this is saying a lot coming from someone who got asked to rub their wallet on their own ass so the other guy could smell it (I didn’t do it just an FYI, I am classy).There is even a particular website that has denied several different people entrance if they aren’t a certain look and this goes beyond race. That being said, outside of the realm of fems/fatties, which I could write an Lord of the Rings size book on, saying words like “chocolate” and “rice” just screams racism and is bottom line not nice.I would find this very frustrating if I was in his shoes because you are consistently left with the worriment of what is the guy into you for.Now granted, this can be translatable to any different community outside of the bear one.But, if you are really into dating, make sure to complete your profile information before starting your search.Write something about yourself, describe what you are looking for, and set your relationship status, even your body built to create a perfect match!Get a chance to meet new friends, groups, and partners, in the LGBT community! Download Grizzly Gay Men Dating App Now and find your love instantly!Create an account using your email or log in using your Facebook account, and you’re in.

Specify the age and the location and we will display all the bears that will match your preference.

” I instantly was thrown and to be honest a bit turned off by what he asked and simply replied “Um, no.

When the mouth is a little open, the head is artfully tilted back, and the eyes shut. Majority of men give that look to almost each and every woman they meet, but when that look is given back with a hot, evocative expression, well, men are then highly turned on.… continue reading »

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