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30-Apr-2017 06:06

It’s hardly any surprise that Gordon Gekko and Patrick Bateman were each conceived within roughly five years of each other.Gekko splashed onto the screen mere months after the late ’80s-early ’90s market crash, while Bateman arose in the pages of Bret Easton Ellis’ famed “American Psycho” toward the tail end of the malaise.

I wrote about my messy feelings as much as the sex itself. “In other words, it can be a potential opportunity for personal growth. Some people find it to be a very lonely and difficult experience.” When I told my friends about my plan to take a sex sabbatical, they were skeptical. I’d always believed in trying my hardest, staying optimistic, not giving up. At 19, being the debaucherous slut was a huge part of my identity.

Suffering is inevitable, but it blocks the path to other things—for instance, enlightenment.