Gabrielle union and ludacris dating

19-Jul-2016 15:43

First Dwayne Wade confirmed that he fathered a little boy with “a longtime friend” while he and Gabrielle Union were on a break.

Now Ludacris is also confirming that he, too, fathered a child while on a break from his long time girlfriend, Eudoxie Agnan.

Wade's ex-wife was a wade gabrielle union Gabrielle Union Talks Dwyane Return To: Dwyane Wade Dwyane Wade's Wife Sues Gabrielle Union For “Alienation of Affection”.

Beyonce and her new black look were spotted at GQ Magazine's 50th Anniversary Party in New York on Tuesday night.

First let me state for the record, people have been having babies while on “a break” for years and years.

Some of you may even be a “take a break baby.” LOL!

1), Gabrielle posted a romantic photo of the couple together from a photo shoot for a "Flashback Friday."Doesn't seem like a couple on a break ... on February 19th, Gabby posted another pic of Dwyane holding one of her scripts ...

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It seems that having “on a break babies” is the new trend among celebrities lately.Some people may say, “Gabrielle has invested so much time in their relationship and they weren’t technically together.” Yes, both of those statements may be true but how do you give a pass for that shit?As far as we know, Gabrielle and Eudoxie haven’t got pregnant by their mates, so how is it cool that they get some other chicks pregnant and when exactly did they let the ladies know that they fathered children by someone else?"They were openly affectionate," a spy tells In Touch Weekly.

The actress and rapper are said to have been dating for the last two months, with a friend of Union claimed the new romance is her first serious fling following her separation from NFL player husband Chris Howard in November 2005.Union has reportedly become Ludacris' special guest at his recent birthday party, which was held at Cafe Martorano at the Rio hotel in Las Vegas on September 7th.