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17-May-2017 06:33

Probe a little deeper, though, and you will see what Nietzsche meant when he described a witticism as an epitaph on the death of a feeling.

Male humor prefers the laugh to be at someone’s expense, and understands that life is quite possibly a joke to begin with—and often a joke in extremely poor taste.

These included the left prefrontal cortex, suggesting a greater emphasis on language and executive processing in women, and the nucleus accumbens . This is not to say that women are humorless, or cannot make great wits and comedians.

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An average man has just one, outside chance: he had better be able to make the lady laugh.(Though ask yourself, was Dorothy Parker ever really funny? Fran responded: “The cultural values are male; for a woman to say a man is funny is the equivalent of a man saying that a woman is pretty. She did, however, in what I thought was a slightly feline way, accuse me of plagiarizing a rant by Jerry Lewis that said much the same thing.

Jenkins, Elgar Spencer, OBE, for political and public service.… continue reading »

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It was also the seat of the Ming and Qing dynasty emperors until the formation of a republic in 1911.… continue reading »

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