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She would talk about how long it had been since she had made love to anyone and spent most of her time masturbating with her dildo’s with thoughts of me.She made comments about how wrong it was and that she could never make the first advance.For discreet shipping and a company that will deliver to po boxes, check out: Note: This is a very true account of the sexual life my mom and I have. We live in the Houston Texas area and are looking for others that would like to talk with us or even play with me. * * * * * First off, this all started for she and I one day a few years ago. She is not too computer savvy so what she was looking at stayed in my computer history and she did not know that.

The next week I paid a visit to my mom to have dinner with her and watch some planning on getting some sex toys on amazon for a gift and my parents go through the mail if it needs a signature since they think id be selling drugs or something.