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26-Dec-2016 09:30

Learn more about the passion behind Fuller’s Kitchen.Our mission was to do the impossible: to develop a chat solution that could drive 3x more chat conversions.On August 21, millions across the United States witnessed a phenomenon that hadn't been seen for 99 years - a total solar eclipse.The path of totality crossed the country from coast to coast through 14 states, Oregon to South Carolina.A Russian-based Web site allows its users to silently flip through hundreds of lives, observe for as long they’d like, and depart for the next living room, the next gym, the next child’s bedroom.There, through the grainy lens of a hacked webcam, you’ll find a New Jersey infant sleeping in a crib, the image of an Iowa high school hallway or an Illinois convenience store clerk.

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Vice’s three-week old report found the site was then surveilling nearly 4,000 more American locations than it does today.

“An analogy best describing this would be just because someone leaves their window open it does not give permission for an unauthorized individual to set up a camera outside their window and broadcast the feed worldwide,” Foscam chief executive Chase Rhymes said in a statement reported by the BBC.