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I know it’s sometimes hard, (it is for me anyway) to buy the nice upholstery weight fabric when just yards away (heehee! – sorry, I’m a bit punchy tonight) is sitting a perfectly “alright” fabric for half the price or less.

But this curtain is going to make a huge impact on your room.

Often we face dilemmas in making decisions at work. But being human is an important objective in your life. Their survival has taken them to a place where they are willing to be like wild animals.

There comes a time when the conflict arises between doing the right thing and doing what is needed at the moment. Just because the situations become a little difficult, we don’t have to forsake our humanity.

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Our core competencies include advanced technology skills, in depth industry know-how, strong reseller network and extensive market experience. There is somebody else who has four legs, who runs much faster than you.But there are current realities, which you cannot ignore completely.In addition to bringing leading-edge technology to the region, we provide advanced Pre-sales Consultancy, Project Assessment, Solution Planning & Design, Technical Implementation & Deployment and Technical Support & Maintenance Services as key value additions to our clients.

Focused approach, superior industry knowledge and advanced technical skill sets make Stor IT a recognized market leader in the region.

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