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So Madrigal and I, went to the firefighters memorial in front of the US Marine jet at 693 Broadway in Santa Ana, CA and did a quiet ceremony, which included bringing our U.S., California and KIA/WIA flags and banners; adorning the memorial in red-white-blue, and pacing back and forth for nine steps and standing at attention for 11 seconds; and rendering salutes for 9 seconds, then 1, then 1 second again.The images, confusion and actions of the day are seared in my mind.I remember the frantic calls to-and-from the hijacked planes, and passengers helplessly looking out their windows and realizing too late they would die as they slammed into the Towers. I am never disappointed, however, I do have a minor correction to add to the most recent issue. Schmal Mi Estimada Mimi, I am absolutely enthralled with your website and pore over it meticulously to read all the informative stories within.The report by the Latino Museum Commission was delivered to President Obama and to Congress yesterday and we believe this further strenghthens our national preservation goals as well.

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Percentage of employed civilians 16 and older of Mexican heritage who worked in managerial, professional or related occupations. The establishments that produce this unleavened flat bread employed 16,311 people.But I know that killing bin Laden was a necessary step to stop further large scale loss of human life.I know we can all be forgiven for celebrating his death, and for thanking the brave Navy Seal Team 6 members for their bravery and their operations success, and for a great victory.Similar to the process that led to the creation of the Smithsonian Institutions National Museum of African American History and Culture, it will now be up to Congress to consider and act upon the Commissions recommendations.

We are pleased to share the great news on the Latino Museum being proposed for Washington DC.

And although the fight will still continue, I know Bin Ladens killing represents a new celebratory day for America because we know that with our quiet ceremony and with this victory, we can now replace the tears of pain, for tears of joy and rejoice in the knowledge that while thousands of innocents had their lives taken, they never took their spirit nor the Spirit of America! HBO has teamed with NALIP to find the next great Latino documentary film. The idea of this grant is for HBO to focus its lens on the Latino experience, and to support the growth of social commentary by Latino documentarians.

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