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For the second year in a row, my employer has somehow found the funds to send all of us teachers and teaching assistants to the annual conference in Toronto (though not all were able to come for other reasons). I wonder how we can do it while most other agencies are still limited to 20% of their staff per year getting funding to attend.

and other teachers at our London branches acknowledged the many worksheets of mine that they adapt and use in their literacy classes.

One unexpected perk of this new location is its proximity to a lovely public labyrinth, a fact that I shared with others attending Lisa Manary's "Self-care for Empathic Instructors" after we had enjoyed a sampling of stretches, breathing exercises, and a guided meditation to help the more empathic among us deal with the psychological and emotional demands of our increasingly stressful jobs.

As for the conference itself, I'm of course appreciative of all the work that goes into it, as I am of all the volunteers--from door monitors to presenters.

Another thing I appreciate this year is that there were 20-minute gaps between sessions, meaning that I could put my bag and coat on a chair in the room of my next session and still have time for a washroom break.

However, on two occasions I was still not able to get into my workshop of choice due to the fact that the room was way too small to accommodate everyone who wanted in.

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using the same shape and construction of a men’s ski with a feminine color).Graphene is the lightest, strongest, and thinnest material known to mankind.It is lighter than wood, harder than diamond, and 300 times stronger than steel.Perhaps organizers could use a polling tool such as Google Forms or Survey Monkey next year to better predict which sessions need to take place in rooms with lots and lots and lots of chairs.

The sessions I did get into, with only two exceptions, proved to be very valuable to me. Chuck and I are both very comfortable navigating the city using subway and streetcar.Head has been putting out some impressive products throughout their long history in the ski industry and recent years are no exception.