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In the beginning, all she wanted to do was be out there, keeping up with her older brother, Matt. In running drills, where she started out, nobody could keep up with her. In the league as it stood last year, one boy (“Tank”) was more than twice her size at 150 pounds (she was around 60 pounds during that season).She makes cuts, follows blockers, and breaks tackles with all the blazing speed, skill, and aplomb of a college tailback. “When contact is about to be made, some of the kids stop,” she says.Makes my six divorces look kind of disreputable by comparison.Naturally, there were younger women giving me trouble from the time I started dating at age 16. She was cute, well developed, interested, and rebellious enough to sneak out of the house so I could pick her up for a date.To them I say, “Go on, just follow Obama around some more, keep yourselves busy. Obama got himself reelected, in large part because the Republicans had a thoroughly underwhelming field of candidates from which to choose in 2012.Sam’s got work to do.” Watching Sam run inspired this post. There’s no question that the mainstream media helped the President all they could, but it’s also true that Mitt Romney made some serious mistakes during the campaign–mostly in holding back when he should have been attacking, especially on the Libya question.It wasn’t that I wouldn’t have liked to go skirt-chasing long before that, but when you live on a ranch 6 miles from the nearest town–and 37 miles from the nearest town that has females who will actually talk to you–dude, you need wheels! For the four dating years until my first engagement to be married, sure enough, it was the younger chicks that gave me fits. We met at the local soda shop–literally, we really had those then–but my less than honorable intentions required getting out of town as quickly as possible. Drove to a tiny air base up next to the Canadian border, where even my baby face wasn’t questioned and the six-pack of Grain Belt beer was handed over without the store clerk even batting an eye.

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A few weeks later, she wrote me at the ranch, where I was spending the summer.Sam Gordon A Yahoo News article, complete with embedded viral You Tube video, introduced me to Sam Gordon today.

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