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It offers an initial feeling of control: may seem quite tame in comparison to the mayhem and violence in games devoted to stalking, killing and outright butchery, be it of aliens or our own species. That's part of the attraction to computer simulations, but only part. television series not only scares the pants off us once weekly (twice-weekly with cable), it also offers genuine insight into the minds of those who yield to their compulsion to take life.

The driving force behind these games is the same, though - succeeding at something, mastering whatever is thrown at us, and thereby having control of our environment. You can build lives for them - decide where they live and work, design relationships, watch as they "cruise night spots looking for love" - and then follow them in a world of your making to see what will happen. Thrills and chills are a large factor in our attraction to this series, as is the horrified fascination with which we watch the , whatever they may do to achieve it, is to exert control - to arrange their world and everyone they require to be in it, in a way that fulfills their need - and to take life is to exert the ultimate control.

What about the games where we can kill and maim for the sport of it - games like Grand Theft Auto?

What kind of reality are we creating for ourselves there?

The characters tended to be fairly one-dimensional in the early games, but manipulating their environment held the same exhilaration.

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In our own little virtual kingdoms though, we have the ultimate control. Well, just as not every one who gets drunk will become an alcoholic, not every gamer who plays, even one who plays to excess, will become a gaming addict, and every gamer who becomes an addict doesn't go on to stalk and kill people in real life. Though, I am concerned about another addiction that I seem to have developed.

Smoke and the screams of the terrified populace filled the air. It was all rather silly and surreal, but also rather attractive.

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