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08-Oct-2017 15:09

Scams, in general, are the new malware delivery method. Falsifying a link is the hallmark of phishing scams, seeded downloader Trojans, and other web-based malware.

And it's all trivially easy to do, using basic HTML.

sentiment), Americans were robbed of million in online dating scams in 2011.

Simplified, each online dater that was scammed lost an average of ,900 last year.

Spotting Discrepancies Reading or Listening Between the Lines Beware Speed Community Q&A Online dating scams are rife. You do not have to be rich and you do not have to be stupid.

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Phishing emails try to trick the intended victim into visiting a fraudulent website disguised to look like a valid e Commerce or banking site.knows this, yet still collects .99 a month from its Subscribers, all the while perpetuating a scheme to the detriment and d... It's both the most coveted and elusive emotion of all time.Songs are sung about either finding it or recovering from it, screen writers send story lines on unrealistic tangents to secure romantic endings, and books are filled with characters searching and pining for it.She wants me to send money to buy one via her money transfer account.

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The Internet makes it easier to accomplish many things -- banking, research, travel, and shopping are all at our virtual fingertips.Victims think they are logging into their real account, but instead, everything they enter on the fake site is being sent to the scammers.

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