Engagement dating advice

11-Nov-2017 12:45

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This is to be enforced so much more strictiy if they have been sinning grievously one with another, or if their conduct has given scandal.

In this regard the parents, too, especially the mothers, should be earnestly exhorted in confession, so that they will not permit their daughters to be absent from the house at evening and night, to associate with young fellows, in which case sin is often not far off.

This is to prevent them from being tempted to commit sexual sins.

- Young people should marry roughly between early adolescence and their early-to-mid twenties.

It would be wrong to conclude that to be in love is always a sin, but it would be still worse to suppose that it is always innocent.

If one is to judge relatively, and according to the things which generally happen, it would be regarded as an incontestable proposition that love-making as it exists in these days is mostly a near occasion of sin....

This strict proceeding is all the more necessary if such acquaintances were already begun with no good intentions.

- An engaged couple should not delay long before marrying.

What is to be thought in general of acquaintanceships, continued association, visits, etc., between young persons of opposite sex?

It cannot be said that they are in themselves grievously sinful, but as a rule they are hardly anything else but the near occasion of grievous sin.

Nonetheless, he hopes that their opposition will fall away with time, and he continues to court Anna.

He often visits her in order to ensure that she remains faithful to him, but does not do so openly for fear of offending his parents.

Where these three conditions obtain, such relations and courtships are not unlawful, even if a grave danger were present, because they are morally necessary conditions for to demand that one should marry a comparatively unknown person would be unreasonable, and if one would not admit this reason the confessor would accomplish nothing else than that the young couple would now... For these reasons such visits may not be forbidden even if the parties fall into sin on account of them.

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