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30-May-2017 07:02

If someone keeps telling us all those things that we already know, it delivers no value.

This is somewhere the negative factor which these healthcare apps.

Not a day goes by that I don’t login to see one of these posts. And it’s not just the fact they are filling up my already overpopulated newsfeed with rubbish and distracting me from the stuff I actually wanna see, like my friends sharing their thoughts on TV shows, photos of food or jokes they’ve stolen from Reddit.

And they always seem to have a bazillion (no exaggeration) likes, comments or shares. It’s the unashamed use of terrible circumstances like cancer, or sick kids or horrific accidents that these pages usually use to get clicks that really pisses me off.

Similarly, Google Play contains 8.11% lifestyle apps and 3.40% apps based upon health & fitness.

When translated into numbers, these figures reach the million mark.

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And because of the time and effort required, this occurs : The ‘my sister Mallory’ Facebook scam This post stated that someones ‘sister’ Mallory has down syndrome & doesn’t think she’s beautiful. The REAL story about this little girl is something much different: Read about it here And within 3 days a post like this one has 70,000 likes, and someone somewhere is about to make a nice little profit by selling the page to a business wanting some quick wins. (edit: Page name cannot be altered after 200 likes, just details of the page). I’m sure you knew it already, but these things are dodgy.Most of the apps are created without any research and they carry simple information – wakeup early, do jogging, join a gym, eat properly and sleep early.Our elders have been saying these words since ages, so there is no use of wasting a few megabytes of phone memory on something which is useless. First, habits are easily built when we see something frequently and these apps may help do this.So back to the original issue: Why do these Facebook pages exist? Businesses worldwide are trying to figure out how to best utilise platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus (haha, na I’m just kidding about Google Plus).

They know that Edge Rank, likes, brand exposure and followers are important, even if they don’t know exactly why or what to do with it.

All these metrics contribute to a users ‘Edge Rank’ – the score your profile is given that dictates how your page interacts with other profiles on Facebook.

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