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26-Jul-2017 22:11

In contrast to Uber, Chesky has struck a more conciliatory pose toward regulators.

In New York, City Council members recently introduced a bill that would fine Airbnb hosts up to ,000 each for renting their apartments.

The funeral in May represented the biggest outpouring of grief in Silicon Valley since the death of Steve Jobs—even President Obama offered condolences—and occasioned a striking remembrance that Sandberg posted on Facebook a month afterward. But unlike a number of his contemporaries, Spiegel is interested in creating revenue sooner rather than later.

In a market overrun with pizza-delivery apps, Holmes has become something of a heroine for starting Theranos, which offers cheaper and less invasive blood testing. So Feige, Marvel’s creative head, had to mine thousands of second-tier comic-book characters and turn them into tentpole franchises for Disney C. Earlier this year, Snapchat launched a series of advertising products alongside a video-sampling service populated by old-timey media brands.

He rules, with near omnipotence, over Silicon Valley’s grandest empire, and remains eager for more.

In May, Facebook announced deals with , NBC News, and other news organizations to publish articles directly into users’ pages.

Patti La Belle loves the You Tube guy who sang the praises of her sweet potato pies, but she says the frenzy over the delicious dessert is all her doing. We called 30 Walmart stores and they said December is the earliest they'll be restocked.

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(The social-media platform has already offered free episodes of .) It wouldn’t be a stretch to see Facebook eventually producing its own series, as has been rumored, putting it in direct competition with Netflix and Amazon.

So, naturally, Musk has decided to become the world’s largest manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries.