Double standards in dating practices

05-Feb-2017 06:05

So does that mean that strategically not returning texts or acting like you’re emotionally unavailable will create this value?

Maybe, but isn’t there something noble about a man who can wade through the bullshit and tell her that he likes spending time with her?

What is it about admitting that he’s in it for something more than a one-night stand that makes him suddenly needy?

There is an emerging double-standard where girls are expected to open up and tell guys they like them in as many ways as they can, but men are ignored, ridiculed and “friend-zoned” for doing the exact same thing.

It’s an age old paradigm that human beings will always want what we can’t have and that we are attracted to people that we perceive as having a high value.Is there no appreciation by any women in our generation for a real Casanova?Moreover, something feels disingenuous about pretending not to be interested or gaming a girl into liking you.There is something about the collective consciousness of modern twenty-somethings that makes us terrified of people who might actually care about us. It’s as if we were all the victims of a horrible breakup, and now we have no desire to know what it feels like to be revered in a real, powerful way by someone else.

Men—or at least the ones who are seeking a connection—seem to be the biggest victims.Giacomo Casanova, from whom we get this label, was a real man who lived in Venice in the 18th century with his own set of rules and strategies for successful seduction.

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