Does omarion and rihanna dating

25-Feb-2017 01:07

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She has confessed on Rihanna reflected on her life and the time spent with her ex-love Chris Brown.

Even with the public scrutiny and judgment calls from strangers Rihanna said to Oprah that “I think he was the love of my life.

And if the money didn’t do it, the connections did.

From Rihanna being Darnell’s date to Nicki Minaj performing at Reginae Carter’s birthday, here are the My Super Sweet Sixteen musical guests that totally made you jealous.

But I wonder if Rihanna will ever heal from it all and if Chris will grow and learn from his mistakes.

Welp, money like that does exist and it’s booked well-known artists for gigs at teens’ birthday parties.But it’s also not the place of others to tell Rihanna not to forgive Chris Brown, just as it is not for me to tell others not to forgive you.But if Rihanna is considering going beyond forgiving and rekindling their relationship she should think long and hard on that one because if Chris Brown has not changed it could be the life or death of her.Without a doubt, the British girl group changed the music game of the ’90s.

In the midst of all of their success, someone thought it would be a good idea to give these ladies their very own movie as well. It is rumored that the girls were so bland at acting that the movie’s director had to ask them to be an exaggerated version of themselves.Fortunately for some Hollywood A-listers, being beautiful and talented at everything comes naturally. Take a look some talented musicians who we believe should stay away from acting for a very long, long, long time.

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