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In addition to working on Civic Commons, Code for Africa is building other shared resources, including the continent's largest repository of open data, open AFRICA plus a repository of 'liberated' documents at source AFRICA, and of civic code at code AFRICA.

The title ‘activist’ in cities like New York, London or Oakland can carry some progressive prestige.

Much of the focus by the civic technology movement to date has been on governments and activists pushing data and services at citizens, rather than listening to what citizens really want or need.

This tension is reflected in how we define the movement: definition.

There are lots of ways to help Tombohuaun and places like it get clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

However you want to make a difference, we've got all the tips, ideas and resources you need.

It is important to tie together all the ingenuity, knowledge, and resources being created by the Code for Africa community and their counterparts in the Americas and Europe and Latin America.

We are therefore supporting a global effort to strengthen the Civic Commons platform, by helping evolve the project beyond its current life as a simple catalogue into a dynamic community portal.

Nawassco taps the waste from the sewerage system, which accounts for only 27 per cent of Nakuru’s sludge.If more water companies team up with social enterprises and other businesses, as well as the government and development groups, on the activity, “it may generate income for jobless youths in the country while providing clean and affordable sources of fuel for large populations.