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"Are fans surprised when they see you and you're not in the wheelchair? At the beginning, obviously like every day I got it - 'Oh my God, you can walk! ' But now, not really so much."Are you hoping for a pioneering treatment for Artie to come out in season three? I think that from the beginning it was always that Artie would be in the wheelchair, because that's the character.He represents I think a whole section of people and that needs to be represented, so I'm happy to play him just as he is."Dianna, Quinn hasn't always been the nicest of characters - what's the public's reaction to you been like?First up are the lovely Dianna Agron and Kevin Mc Hale, who you might know better as Quinn and Artie.Read on to find out what the duo had to say to reporters about their hopes for season three, those graduation rumours and what it was like for Dianna to film a slap with Lea Michele... Kevin: "You know, I'm not Artie right now, so yeah!

Kevin: "For me it was one of my favourites and least favourites - doing the Kiss number was really fun because we got to have those ridiculous outfits.

But it was nothing compared to the girls in their Lady Ga Ga outfits."Dianna: " was my favourite.

I loved that kind of stuff and fun makeup, extreme makeup, because usually it's just light and natural and simple. I know the guys have really got a taste of what girls can have sitting in a makeup chair - not getting in and out in five or ten minutes."Kevin: "Oh, 'Thriller'!

We’re off the air for a reason.” Kevin also said that he thinks the show jumped the shark when they lost one of the show’s stars.

“I will say, not to bring it down or anything, when Cory Monteith died.

star Kevin Mc Hale is getting candid about the show’s cancellation in a new interview.