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Parents need to know that this series has a few gross-out moments and some rebellious and/or materialistic messages, but overall there isn't much to worry about.

The main character lends advice to the viewers in an effort to help them navigate their own middle school woes.

Time is fluid, owning a shovel is a felony, adrenalized hyperreality is an actual medical diagnosis — and for a while it seemed like the Sapphic gods were just raining down beautiful gay ladies to date the town’s most favored lesbian.

One of those gifts from the gods was Paige Mc Cullers.

AE: Whenever I talk to you, you always seem to have such an affinity for Paige. We can say, you know, It Gets Better, and then we can see that it actually has gotten better for Paige, in a relatively short amount of time.

Seeing her struggle, seeing her find the light in her own darkness, it’s given me clarity for my own life. And, well, you’d better just keep your eye on Paige.

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Actually, we’ve also watched Paige literally wrestle Emily, right to the bottom of a swimming pool. Drunken cupcake sleuthing, roofied pratfalls, dizzying displays of lightning biking? But it turns out her soft spot is playing a really good girlfriend to Emily.Can you talk me through Paige’s evolution a little bit, from her fear of coming out of to her family to the terror of not being able to find that coconut cupcake to the joy of finally getting the girl?