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Pop Kids may shock some readers with its unflinching portrayal of a generation weaned on modern media and the cult of celebrity.But according to Havok, this is a world that really exists.From that came their instantly recognizable summer hit, "Miss Murder," which bagged them the MTV award for Best Rock Video, presented by Lou Reed no less. Alan Forbes, longtime artistic collaborator with AFI, was attacked last year in the Lower Haight which is shocking, I've walked there alone at night. You guys are selling figurines he designed to raise funds. DH: [laughs softly] Well, I'm really into [Malcolm T.] Liepke, [Jeremy] Lipking, and Aaron Nagle. I also like Patrick Nagel quite a bit, and I don't have a Patrick Nagel but I'd love to have one. he doesn't do much lately though, he's not in the country anymore. Witnessing their performance would be quite the occasion.I vividly remember AFI's last date that tour in October of '07, as they headlined with The Cure at Download Festival in a homecoming show in Mountain View, CA. 2009 brought Crash Love, more changes for the AFI sound, and a tour with their Gilman friends, Green Day. How did you discover his work in the first place and what about his art has suited the AFI albums they appear in? A Martin Wittfooth, and Aaron Nagel as I've said before. The last time you released a DVD was in 2006 for I Heard a Voice - stunning, by the way - beautifully mixed and filmed. JP: The only thing that was filmed professionally was - we were just talking about this today - was the MTV2 special that we did at House of Blues on . Let's hope they make a stop in Nor Cal along the way.II" music video (Marc Webb) won them an MTV2 award, not to mention a Grammy nomination for Best Box Set/Limited Edition. Speaking of which, AFI has made several fantastic music videos; your collaborations with Marc Webb exceptionally stand out - twice having won an MTV award. JP: I would say "Leaving Song Part II" would be my first just because it's a cool, simple idea. I would also go with "Beautiful Thieves" and "Medicate." JP: I haven't seen any of our videos. I'm suspecting that Smith [Jade's brother and AFI's tour manager] has done a fun share. Actually, there was like a whack prank that was done years ago. First it was getting put in someone else's bunk under the pillows. It became more comfortable for everyone as the interview went on; it was too bad that our conversation was becoming more fun as it was ending. I left the tour bus to step through the doors of the venue, to again experience AFI in the intimate familiarity that I've always known them, in their music.Sold out shows and three years later, Decemberunderground, now double platinum, opened at #1 on the Billboard's Top 200. Some of the artists I actually do collect are James Jean . Dave and I came up with it so I like it for that reason too because it's something that came from the band, which a lot of them did. DH: I like "Beautiful Thieves" and "Medicate" and really, the most recent two, "I Hope You Suffer" and "17 Crimes." I'm really happy with those two. Every night when you had to sleep there'd be a stupid thing under your pillow and it was like the worst. AFI are soon to embark on the Australian and South American portion of their tour promoting Burials before heading to the Polo Fields of Coachella in April, along with the likes of the Replacements, Superchunk and Outkast.AFI singer Davey Havok is certainly an accomplished and celebrated musician, and now the vocalist is about to delve into the world of books to make his debut as an author.

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Parents, teachers, and other adults are but vague shadows in the lives of these teens.Like a good rock and roll story, the story of AFI began in Ukiah in 1991, when frontman Davey Havok and his best friend Adam Carson (drummer), founded an inchoate hardcore punk band with Mark Stopholese (guitar) and bassist, Vic Chalker during their high school days. That's really cool that you guys decided to come back there after such a long time. He was still charming and his eyes had lit up on the topic of art, but I was struck seeing a shyer side of him that I could not recall years ago.