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I started doing more things that I wanted to do because I didn’t need a guy to come with me or I was waiting to see if the guy I was dating would make plans with me.

I stopped freaking out over whether or not the text I sent was too much or too little or too I spent my free time with my friends and family.

I had to actually work at it, and there were times I almost gave up.

But it was worth it because I’m so much stronger and more independent than I had been before.

Instead of constantly needing a relationship, I focused on improving the other relationships in my life, like my family and my friends.

I wasn’t going on dates constantly when I was single or attached to a boyfriend, and that allowed me to build stronger friendships and relationships with my family. Before I started living my life for myself and not for a relationship, I was always doing things that the guy I had been dating wanted to do or was interested in.

I’ve always made my boyfriends priorities in my life, to the point that I’ve sacrificed my personal goals and friendships for them.

After my last breakup, I decided to stop letting any guy be the center of my world and while it wasn’t an easy adjustment, it was the best decision I could make for myself.

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I also stopped worrying about whether or not I had a date to events and parties, and just went because I wanted to have fun! I didn’t need anyone to be happy or to have a full life, and I stopped letting crappy people be a part of it.

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