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A classical option is when you purchase opportunities. Isn’t it better to buy the asset itself – gold, oil, currency or stocks? Let’s figure out the term of an option with a simple example. Easy enough – just buy an opportunity to sell oil with a price profitable for you for the period of half-year or a year.

It lets you buy in advance the right to purchase or sell some asset with the fixed price. Just imagine for a second that you are an oil tycoon. As experienced in this business, you realize clearly the extent of risk in this activity. You can see the chart of oil price movement for the last 5 years.

Applicants for the new series must be 18 or over and from the UK.

Before considering taking part on the programmer, candidates are allegedly told: "We film a pre-date interview with the couple and single on the same day just before the date, finding out a little bit about each person and what your ideal threesome would be."Then we put you on your perfect three-way date.

And nowadays, market met derivatives of them - these tools are exactly called this way - "derivatives". These methods let you understand behavior of the chart better and make market entrances more reasonable. You should allocate special time for studying technical and fundamental has approached Channel 4 for comment regarding these reports.

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Main types of derivatives: - futures - swaps - options To explain the difference between derivatives, I give you an illustrative example.Let you buy a 1-year Put option every year on December 24 instead of eating Christmas pudding.

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