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27-Aug-2016 22:38

Whether that's a new couple finally admitting feelings for each other or a couple who is ready to take their relationship to the next stage.

Reddit user Big Chewy Pretzels knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his girlfriend, but he also wanted to make the proposal as storybook-worthy as the fairytales she grew up making for her own family.

My frustrations caused me to frequently ponder if I had a homing device implanted that was sending out signals to emotionally unavailable men, typically ones with mother issues, but what I never really asked myself was: I never gave any deep thought to the connection between what I’d observed and learned early in life and how I was thinking, acting and choosing in the present.

Calling out a Mr Unavailable on his ambivalence gave me a lightbulb moment that sparked a powerful awakening: I was and am the common denominator to all of my experiences.

I had little sense of self and it was as if I was engulfed in this chasm of cyclical pain due to abandonment, shame, anger and loss.

I could never forge anything too deep in case I got ‘found out’ but also because life had taught me that people hurt you, people go away, and that the moment you ever relax, something goes wrong.

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As we talked, she was experiencing a major lightbulb moment.

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