Dating without using cc

06-Apr-2017 15:42

It is still the Internet, but Pure seems like an especially safe place for women, which could be good because men usually outnumber them by huge margins.Most online dating services are mostly a patience test for women who have to wade through a lot of junk (we’re speaking metaphorically, of course).There’s also a catch you should know about: only your first five hook up attempts are free. By downloading the app, you’re given five free tickets to start.

And for guys using Pure, you’ll never feel out of bounds sharing your desires. If Pure gets one thing right, it’s the privacy factor.

If they have a similar attraction to you, you’ll be able to request more photos or open communication via chat to plan a meet up.

All of this theoretically takes place within that limited hour window of availability.

We were invited to try out Pure, and as you can see from the pictures on the right, we weren’t shy about signing up for a hook-up app at all.

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You won’t have to link your Facebook account or other social network presences to Pure.

You choose the perfect screen name, fill out the most important details about yourself, and have your friends help you pick out your best pictures.

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