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16-Apr-2017 15:03

Both the USGS and Lamont Doherty seek to maintain high standards for collection of all samples and encourage sample collectors to seek training.

Safety-coated 500cc glass bottles with polycone seals are recommended for the tritium sample, though high-density polyethylene bottles with polycone seals may be substituted.

These photos used short exposures and so captured sharp images of the people and vehicles in the busy Princes Street, rather than the blurs that appeared in most longer-exposure photographs of the period.

G W Wilson appears to have swung his camera through 45 degrees to look to the south-west to take other views from the same location - looking across Waverley Bridge towards the Old Town of Edinburgh.

The water samples for helium and neon determinations are collected in crimped copper tubes (3/8-inch diameter, 30-inch length, containing about 40 cc of water).

The portion of the clamp that seals the copper tube will not close completely.

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