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30-Jul-2016 21:53

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They are often blamed for letting the pictures be taken in the first place and suffer psychological distress and damage to relationships with friends and family.Once these images spread it can be very difficult to get them down from every site so victims have to face living with them forever.

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Some have also tried to extort money from people to get the images removed.

Mobile phones with cameras are now ubiquitous and so is the internet.

A Mc Afee study (in the US) found that 36% of people have sent or intend to send intimate content to their partners, and that one in ten ex-partners threatened to expose risque photos online - a threat carried out 60% of the time.

It is particularly victimising to have something given in intimacy used as a weapon against you.

What sort of thing could motivate someone to send revenge porn?

The victim may have consented to the image creation but will not have consented to it being made public.