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11-Sep-2016 10:54

[Read: 9 signs it’s time to make your relationship official] #5 You can see a future with them.

Even if it’s just the two of you hitting the town together on a special date night, envisioning the future means that you’ve already been thinking about dating them and engaging in more than just a few nights of fun.

If you two have had a conversation other than making plans, you’ve likely discovered that you really don’t have anything in common.

How could you make a hookup your significant other when you don’t have anything in common? There’s a difference between wanting to take someone’s clothes off and having feelings for them.

Everybody goes through this phase: the one where you have to decide if your current hookup has what it takes to become your new special someone.

There are always signs that point to whether someone could be your new beau or should just remain a hookup.

If you have a lot in common and enjoy many of the same shows and activities, it’s a sign that he or she just might be dating material. And if you’re doing so, then you must think they have the potential to be something more.

People who are dating material are people who are similar to you and can engage in activities aside from sex. We all know you like to gush about your person of interest.If you have feelings that are more than just a little fling, then you obviously think they could be something more. What I mean is that they talk to you even though there are no plans to hookup soon.Developing feelings for someone you’re just hooking up with is a surefire sign they could potentially be significant other material. They talk to you throughout the day just to see how your day is going, what you’re up to, or just because they want to have a conversation with you.This behavior shows that they are interested in you for more than your killer bedroom skills.

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By keeping in touch with you without an ulterior motive, they are proving that they could be more than just a hookup.While you might care for this person and want to make them your significant other, it doesn’t change the fact that some people just aren’t significant other material.

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