Dating vintage jbl speakers

09-Sep-2016 01:26

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Several variations on the amp's original design have been produced through the years, including the Twin Reverb, the Super Twin, the Twin Reverb II, and the Twin Reverb '65 Reissue.

The Cyber Twin, which combined a tube amp with a digital processor, was introduced in January 2001.

The speaker sound is dynamic, remains very clear on high volume, but basses are rather “punchy”.

This "hi-powered," tweed-covered design continued into early 1960, after the other Professional Series of Fender amplifiers had made the transition to the modern brownface design.

Like its predecessors, the narrow panel tweed Fender amplifiers used Jensen Alnico V Concert Series Speakers, for the most part.

By the end of the decade, a JBL 15" speaker was available on special order for the Pro model.

professional studio equipment) in the 70ies, it started the L100 model, which became the most sold speaker model up to that date.

No other company had produced a speaker with similar sales.Therefore JBL continued to build and sell the L- series and introduced newer versions with improved drivers and crossovers throughout the 80ies.