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22-Feb-2017 18:09

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” That would be the — but you can still be nice when you say to a woman but have you thought about it this way or hey, that’s not quite the same as what you said over here.

Like be willing to point out just little discrepancy in the way the conversation is flowing.

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One they encourage you to “Hey just get out there and practice” which is great advice. But just to give a little insight, what would that look like to start – let’s say a man sees a woman that he wants to start a conversation with. What if it was just somebody in the post office like that I was saying something more unfriendly to?

From Cosmopolitan and Shape Magazine, to The Wall Street Journal, CBS and FOX.That’s not the same as this person that you were smiling and nodding to. Now in a dating situation that would not probably be that appropriate. If there’s no friction ever then you’re not really being a full differentiated person. Skip the rules and do something now that’s more genuine to be differentiated and I think the I-disagree comment is one and a week of brainstorming some things right now is another one that I can think of as being able to say, “Oh, I notice that you’re looking at the floor while you’re talking at me, talking to me.” Just being able to say something very present centered about what you notice, risking that it might create discomfort in another person because when people get unnoticed with their refined eye, like you’re able to actually see the other person, you’re not some nervous in your own self and so self-preoccupied that you can’t see her. Aziz: And I think that is the whole key of it is that when you’re in the nice guy role, you’re consciously or unconsciously, all you focused on is making sure she does not feel any discomfort and you’ll only do that… Susan: And that will backfire on you because you become boring. Aziz: You become so boring and you’re not yourself and versus if you said something or pointed something out of a person or expressed a thought that you had or commented on the thing you heard that you find attractive or kind of played with her, teased her about something that she contradicted herself or any of those things, you risk her feeling some discomfort. But we realize oh, these are actual things that I thought but inhibited because I didn’t want to make the other person uncomfortable. When you do a Monday morning quarterback on your date, you look for the things that were somewhere down there, maybe just under the surface. So, I remember one time I was in a long line at the post office and I’m standing there and I was single at that time and there was an attractive man right behind me. You gave a good one when you were talking about your handshaking. So, maybe as we get closer to end of our time here, what give – any thoughts on the courage piece, the courage to be vulnerable, the courage to be honest like if someone’s on board with what you’re saying and they’re like yeah, that sounds intriguing but then there’s that fear that they need to work to overcome. Well, I have a vision like you Aziz of making the world a friendlier place and particularly making the dating world a friendlier place.

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