Dating tibetan coins

23-Jul-2017 18:21

Reverse: depicts the Tibetan emblem showing two snow leopards holding the Dharma Wheel. The type is a copy of the Nepalese debased Tangka of Pratap Simha.Finish: Proof & Proof-like Note Metal Composition is Franklin Mints Franklinium. Obverse: Bust of Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama. Struck unofficially by Nepalese traders in Tibet between 18, it was legal ender, due to an edict issued in 1881 ordering that no distinction be made between false and genuine coins.The right legend in red reads 15, whereas the left legend in red reads 60.Otherwise saying, this coin is from the 60th year of the 15th cycle.

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Out of the four left: one is listed as "6 instead of 60," which yours is not; and two are described as overdates varieties, but I am not seeing any overdates.Varieties of ornamentation as well as style of inscription exist.